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Lean Manufacturing System精益生产系统


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ime: 12Hours (2days)
Part one: (1H)
What Shall We Talk…? 内容安排
Lean Manufacturing System Briefing 精益生产系统简介
Lean Thinking and Lean Manufacturing System 精益思维和精益生产系统
Starting with Toyota in the late 50’s and catching on in the mid – 80’s in the reminder of the industrial world, Lean Manufacturing has become a key strategy for manufacturers
1.Lean Manufacturing System Briefing精益生产概述
2.What is Lean Manufacturing精益生产-五个原则
1)Value 价值(站在客户的立场上)
2)Value Stream(价值流从接单到发货过程的一切活动)
3)Flow 流动(像开发的河流一样通畅流动)
4)Demand Pull(需求拉动BTR-按需求生产)
5)Perfect 完美(没有任何事物是完美的不断改进)
Part two: (1H)
3. Lean 6Sigma Tools 精益六西格玛工具
1)Standard Work 标准化作业
2)Total Productive Maintenance 全面设备维护
3)5Five standard 五S
4)Set Up Reduction 减少换型时间
5)Mistake Proofing 防错
6)Value Stream Mapping 价值流图
7)Cellular Manufacturing 单元化制造
8)Pull Systems 拉系统
9)Variation Reduction 减少变异
4. Lean Manufacturing Foundation精益生产之基础
2)Identify and eliminate the eight kinds of waste识别和消除八种浪费
2.1 Overproduction 过量生产
2.2 Inventory 库存
Inventory Covers All Problem 库存掩盖所有问题
Low Down Inventory To Expose Problem 通过降库存暴露问题
3.3 Transportation 搬运
4.4 Inspection & Rework检验和返工
4.5 Processing 过程不当
4.6 Waiting 等待
4.7 Motion多余动作
4.8 Aptitude 智能
Part three: (1H)
5. 3S 三化原则
1) Simplification 简单化
6. ECRS消灭浪费
7. Workplace Organization 现场组织管理
1) WHAT IS ‘5S /6S / 7S’? 什么是5S?
Sort + Straighten + Shine + Standardize + Sustain + Safety + Save
整理 整顿 清洁 展开 保持 + 安全 + 节约
2) Workplace Organization - Visual Aids 现场组织管理- 可视管理
Everything has its place and everything in its place.
每件物品有指定的位置, 每件物品在它的位置上!
2) Workplace Organization - Color Coding 现场组织管理-色标管理
8. Attitude To The Defects 对待缺陷,三不政策
 DON’T MAKE 不制造!!
 DON’T DELIVER 不传递!!!
9. Error Proofing 差错预防
Part four: (1H)
10. 精益生产实施绩效指标
1) Team Building and People Involvement 团队建设 / 员工参与
2) People doing the work know the operation best
 从事工作的人员最了解其本职工作
3) Decisions need to be made at all levels where the work is being done
 在工作地点的所有层次上都需要作出决策
 4) Those people affected by a change (line design) need to participate in making that change受某一改革影响的人需要参与实施这个改革
5) Change is exciting when it is done by us, threatening when it is done to us.
T= Together
E =Everybody
A =Achieve
M= More
11. Team Performance Review 班组考核体系
 Focus on team, not individual考核班组,而不是个人
 Set-up key metrics system建立指标体系
 Key metric points relate to team bonus指标得分决定班组奖金
 Recognize and post the best team定期奖励最佳班组
Part five: (2H)
12. Value Stream Mapping价值流分析
1) Value Stream 价值流
“Whenever there is a product (or service) for a customer, there is a value stream. The challenge lies in seeing it.”
2) Why Mapping the Value Stream 为什么要图析价值流
 Develops ability to see the total flow...beyond the single process level 建立超越单个工艺过程层次而看到宏观生产流程的能力
 3) Helps identify the sources of waste 帮助发现浪费源
 Shows the linkage between information flow and the material flow 展示了信息流与物流之间的联系
 4) Provides a communication tool for all levels 广泛沟通的工具
 Helps establish priorities based on barriers to flow 确定优先次序
 5) Ties together lean concepts and techniques helps avoid cherry-picking 结合精益的概念与技术…避免“只挑容易的” 来改进
 6) Forms the basis of an implementation plan 形成实施计划的基础
 Describes what you are actually going to do to affect the quantitative data 描绘为了影响这些定量的数据,应该做些什么
13. VSM Tools 绘制价值流分析图所需工具
14. Value Stream Mapping Steps 价值流图析步骤
15. Product family 产品族
16. Work plan and action 工作计划及 实施
Current status 当前状态图
Future status 未来状态图
17. Value Stream Mapping – Icons绘价值流分析图 之 图标
18. Value Stream Mapping - Current Status 当前状况图示
Part six: (3H)
19. Three important points of lean manufacturing精益三要素
1) Time
2) Flow流动
3) Pull拉动
20. The Path for Success 卓越之旅
1) Operational Availability运行效率
2) OEE - Overall Equipment Effectiveness总的设备有效性
3) TPM - Total Preventive Maintenance全员设备维护

4) QCO - Quick Change Over快速换型
21. Equipment and maintenance设备可靠性与保养性指标
1) MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) 平均故障间隔
2) MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) 平均保养时间
22. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM 的五大支柱)
1) Training and Skill Development训练和技能的发展
2) Early Equipment Management/ Maintenance Prevention Design早期设备管理 /维护预防设计
3) Autonomous Maintenance自主性的维护
4) Maintenance Process Improvement改善维护程序
5) Systematic Equipment Improvement系统的设备改善
23. Continue Improvement - 5 Why? 持续改进 5 Why?
24. QCO - Quick Change Over快速换型
Benefits好处: 1). Reduced machine downtime减少停机时间
2). Flexibility in scheduling增加生产计划的灵活性
3). Reduced cost of scrap减少浪费
4). Reduced inventory holding costs减少库存成本
5). Increased capacity提高运行能力
25. The Definition of Change Over Time换型时间定义
1) The time between the last good piece off one production run and the first piece off the next run从完成上一个型号最后一件合格产品到生产出下一个型号第一件合格产品所花的时间
2) Quick Change Over - 8 Steps快速换型八步法
3) Flow Cell and “U” Shape Layout柔性生产单元及U型布局
26. How Many Operators Needed?需要多少操作工?
The number of operator is calculated by dividing the sum of the operator work ( value added + non value added )by the Module take Time
27. The Goal For JIT Material Movement JIT物料运动的目标
Part seven: (2H)
28. Supply Chain Mapping供应链图析
Lean Supply Chain Mapping精益供应链图析
1) Conventional Approach 传统做法
• Adversarial relations 敌对关系
• Price is the priority 价格是决定因素
• Formal certification 正规认证
Culture:Suppliers are Expendable 企业文化:供应商是可以牺牲掉的
2) Supply Chain management SCM 供应链管理
• Longer - term relationship 长久关系
• Quality is the priority 质量是决定因素
• Reduce in number of suppliers 减少供应商数量
Culture:Work with supplier to improve quality, cost and lead time 企业文化:与供应商一起改进质量、成本和交货期
Different Stages On Supply Chain Development 供应链开发的不同阶段
3) Operational Alignment 生产联盟
• Time is the priority 时间是决定因素
• Focus on core process Capability 关注关键工艺能力
• Joined R&D pilot program 尝试一同开发项目
Culture:Production begins in supplier’s department 企业文化: 部分生产开始在供应商处进行
4) Strategic Alignment 战略联盟
• Joined business and process control 业务及流程一体化
• Agreements on strategies,polices 一致的战略,政策
• E- Commerce,eLean info flow 电子商务,电子信息流
Culture:Strategic business partnership with suppliers 企业文化:业务战略伙伴
Different Stages On Supply Chain Development 供应链开发的不同阶段
5) World Class Attainment 世界级水平
• End - to - End Lean enterprise,e-Lean practice become standard operating procedure 起点到终点链接精益企业,电子化精益实践成为标准操作
• World class enterprise pursue dynamic supply chain management in new ways that stretch the existing rules of competition 世界级水平的企业追求动态供应链的创新以赢得竞争力
Culture:Striving for continuous improvement throughout the entire value stream together 企业文化: 在整个价值链上不断完善
Part eight: (1H)

29. Lean Journey - The Preparation 精益征程:准备工作
1) Without INCENTIVE -- Gradual Change 没有原动力 -- 逐步改变
 2) Without VISION -- Confusion 没有远景 -- 不清不楚
 3) Without ACTION PLAN -- False starts 没有行动计划 -- 难免失败
 4) Without SKILLS -- Anxiety 没有知识 -- 焦虑不安
 5) Without RESOURCES -- Frustration 没有资源 -- 沮丧消沉
30. Lean Implementation-The Path精益实施之进程:卓越源于执行
31. Summarized and discussed总结和讨论

本课程名称: Lean Manufacturing System精益生产系统


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